Digital Signatures Capital

Way, way back in February 1995, Utah became the first state to pass a law deeming digital signatures as valid, legally, as ye olde John Hancock. Although most states have since followed suit — the tally is up to 44 — Utah’s prescience has given the state a cottage industry in electronic transactions. Continue reading

Network Nation

If matter really matters less, and if we’re witnessing the death of distance, what, then, is the fate of the nation-state in the digital world? Science-fiction writers have posited worlds in which nations are replaced by corporations, in which computers take over governments, in which robots out-evolve humanity. Continue reading

CRTC Doing Dance of the Dinosaurs. Part 1

The last couple of weeks have seen the CRTC holding the all-important “information superhighway” hearings in Ottawa.

It’s a typical CRTC hearing — a lot of talking heads from communication companies, and a lot of talking heads from special interest groups, get together to talk about how they plan to pick more from the pockets of average Canadians, who have absolutely n o say in the fact that it’s their money that is being divvied up.

Continue reading