CRTC Doing Dance of the Dinosaurs. Part 1

The last couple of weeks have seen the CRTC holding the all-important “information superhighway” hearings in Ottawa.

It’s a typical CRTC hearing — a lot of talking heads from communication companies, and a lot of talking heads from special interest groups, get together to talk about how they plan to pick more from the pockets of average Canadians, who have absolutely n o say in the fact that it’s their money that is being divvied up.

We all know that the regulatory environment in Canada has meant that our pocket has been picked many times in the past. We all know that we will be forced to divvy up once again to help these companies build their TV-based “entertainment super-duper-highw ay.”

We all know that these current hearings are really about nothing more than the question of whether the telephone companies can compete against the cable companies in the television marketplace, in order that both can build us a nice little information sup erhighway by which we can order fried chicken with our TV remote control. Oh, what a wonderful country we have! Long live Keith Spicer!

And many of us now realize that these hearings are really quite irrelevant given that the wired world around us is evolving at such a rapid pace. When I listen to what’s going on at the CRTC, I somehow can’t help but hear the words, “dance of the dinosaur s,” going through my head.

Why? This month, let’s start with the information superdoopeerhighway applications of “video on demand” and the “500 channel universe.”

We are told that the information superhighway will bring us “video on demand.” Yet, every video on demand trial in North America is failing — miserably. This is supposed to be the killer application that will help to build the super-duper-highway. Guess what — people aren’t buying. People in various cities in which the trials are occurring have the audacity to still go to the video store! Imagine! Maybe we need a law, to stop them from doing that! How can we build the highway, if people don’t co-operate !???

The “information super-dooper-dooper-highway” is supposed to bring us 500 TV channels. Thank heavens — this will give me something to do with my life! Why, just the other night I was channel clicking through the 40 some odd channels that I get today, and I couldn’t find anything to watch (except for the Discovery Channel — yay!) It took me only 3 minutes! When we have a 500 channel universe, it will take me an hour to click through the mindless pap we have today — with, no doubt, a sufficient degree of Canadian content! Finally, a better way to waste my time!

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