CRTC Doing Dance of the Dinosaurs. Part 2

The CRTC hearings are a fallacy, for their fail to recognize the fact that we are becoming a wired world, not through our televisions, but through the computers on our desks. Folks, we won’t have a 500 channel universe — we will have a 1,000,000 channel universe. Or a hundred million channel universe. Or, maybe, a 500 million channel universe! Everyone, everywhere, can become a TV producer in the next decade, through the Internet. And the best damn thing is that the CRTC is irrelevant in this, global, wi red world.

Huh? What? Think about it — take the computer-based wired world as found through the Internet, combine it with advancements in video camera technology, add high speed communication links to the home or office, mix in some digital editing and home PC special effects software, and anyone, anywhere will be able to produce their own TV show. Everyone can become a TV channel! Everyone can be a TV producer!

Come to my World Wide Web site a year from now, and I’ll have put on-line the “Jim Carroll Show.” Come and get it any time that you want it — it’s just a computer file, a bunch of digital bits in MPEG format, that you can retrieve by clicking with your mouse. Heck, if you like it, I can do a whole series! If you really like it, I can charge you a small fee to retrieve it.

What’s going on here? High speed links to the Internet will fast become a reality in the next few years — every cable company in North America worth their sense of purpose is testing “cable modems,” devices that provide high speed access to on-line services such as the Internet through the cable wire at speeds up to 50 times faster than a 28,800 modem. Many people won’t use the telephone company fibre-to-the-home networks for video on demand — they’ll use it for fast Internet access. Put a Web server in the home (it will happen — I predict Windows ‘96 will include Web servers as a matter of course) that anyone in the world can come and access, and you will have a lot of aspiring young Steven Spielbergs establishing global TV channels, every one of them jumping at the opportunity to strut their stuff.

500 channels? Heck, no, we’ll have millions. No doubt, some ‘channels’ will be pure crap, but others will be pure gold. The Internet community will let us know which ones are the best — and soon, a new type of Grammy award in the Internet community will be proposed.

The best aspect is that I won’t have to watch what the CRTC thinks I have to watch. Big brother, go away!

The CRTC information superhighway hearings. Shhhhh…..I can hear the dinosaurs waltzing to their favorite tune.

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