How to Start a Playgroup

Looking for a way to get to know other families in your community? Interested in giving your preschooler additional opportunities to play with other children? Why not consider starting a playgroup!

Playgroups are fun for both parents and kids. The parents get to swap stories about the joys and challenges of raising children and the kids get to check out the toy collections of every family in the neighborhood!

Here are some tips on getting a playgroup up and running on your block:
Decide in advance on the age range of children you hope to attract to the playgroup. Is the playgroup intended for toddlers only or are preschoolers and babies welcome to participate as well?

Choose a place and a time. If you can restrict the number of families to eight or fewer, you’ll be able to meet in one another’s homes. If your group grows beyond that size, you’ll need to find a suitable meeting space in a church basement or community center.

Clearly define the duties of the host family so that everyone who joins the playgroup will know what to expect. You’ll need to decide, for example, whether the host family is expected to provide a drink and a snack for the children or just a pot of coffee for the parents.

Spread the word about your playgroup by inviting interested families to come to an organizational meeting.

At the meeting, you’ll want to discuss such issues as how often the playgroup should meet, whether or not a small membership fee should be charged, and what discipline policies should be in place.

Keep things fun and interesting for the children by planning special themed events. Have a Valentine’s Day party in the winter, a May Day celebration in the spring, a water fun day in the summer, and a Halloween party in the fall.

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