Me! Shii Ann Interjects

“…we could go all the way. And then, may the best man win.”


We weren’t shown their entire conversation, so I can only guess what Clay told Shii Ann. But analyzing exactly what he said, it would appear as though Clay is not including everyone in his tribe in his, “Well, we’ve already said…” statement. Why would they need TWO people to take it all the way?

Right now, it’s 5-5 Chuay Gahn vs Sook Jai. With Jake, that would make it 6-4. They wouldn’t need another person. UNLESS Clay isn’t including someone from their tribe – Jan perhaps, or maybe even Helen. So maybe, just maybe, Clay shared quite a bit of information about Chuay Gahn as well. Maybe it wasn’t a one-sided blab session.

The Joyful Merge
Everyone returns to pow-wow circle. Jeff says, “Alright, so tell me how it went.”

Jake says, “Oh man, we’ve been having a great time. Just visiting, talking about everything, learning about all the other people in the tribes. Just having a great time.”

Jeff asks Shii Ann and Helen to discuss the other camps. Shii Ann gushed about how wonderful Chuay Gahn’s site was. Helen only mentioned not having the cave. Apparently, sleeping and keeping things dry under the cave is like gold.

Jeff explains how Clay, Shii Ann, Helen, and Ken, by choosing their baskets which told them to visit the other tribe, became “official ambassadors for your tribe, because today, something very different is happening.

“The two tribes will now live together on one beach. The four of you will decide for both tribes which beach you’ll move to. Whichever beach you decide to move to, you’ll get a new boat for the last 21 days. The question is, which beach are you going to live on?”

Clay immediately said, “Looks like we’re going to Chuay Gahn.”

“Alright, for the members of Sook Jai, all your personal items will be waiting for you at your new beach. For the members of Chuay Gahn, it is also a new home of sorts, because what was your beach is now everybody’s beach.”

At this point, Jeff did not toss them a new buff. He did not tell them to pick a new name. But he was pretty devilish in that he continued to mislead them to think they’ve merged…

“So, essentially, you are starting over, building a new world, with one big difference – you now have 18 days of education. I think the only thing left to do is exchange hellos with everybody and head out to your new beach.”

I know a lot of people instantly noticed the lack of a new buff and tribe name, but I’ll be honest. I totally missed it. And with everyone in both tribes discussing the merger for many days, I can understand how they missed it as well.

Discovery Channel moment
The next scene opens with a Discovery Channel moment, which impels me to…

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