The Difficulty of Diagnosing

A question frequently asked by arthritis patients, especially those in the early stages of the disease, is why it’s so hard to nail down a diagnosis of a specific type of arthritis or other connective tissue disease. Why, patients wonder — with all the diagnostic tools available — can’t my physician just tell me what’s wrong? Continue reading

Resources for Networking

If you are a college graduate, your alumni association can be a huge asset in gathering information. Most have networks of grads who have offered to be resources for other alumni and can offer a wealth of information on a wide variety of fields. Continue reading

Tips on Planning and Setting Up a Computer Workspace

Before you shop, measure the space earmarked for the computer area and draw a floor plan, noting the location of windows, doors, electric outlets and phone outlets. Also measure any home office equipment you already have and plan to use. Figure the number of linear feet you will need to accommodate materials you need to store, then add a bit more for future needs. Continue reading

Strategies for Comfort

Work demands can make arthritis pain acute. It is important to minimize this by staying aware of your body and what it needs.

Get up, move around and stretch every 20 to 30 minutes to keep stiffness at bay. Change positions often. Sitting in the same position for long periods causes muscles to tighten and shorten. This can increase stress on joints, making them stiff and painful. Once stiff, joints have a limited range of motion, which limits your ability to perform even simple tasks. Continue reading