New Information on Acne

Adapalene and tazarotene are new topical treatments similar in action to tretinoin. Adapalene may be less irritating for many individuals.
Ask your doctor if switching medications might be right for you. Another new acne treatment is azelaic acid cream, a prescription medication which helps to suppress acne bacteria and appears similar to benzoyl peroxide in its efficacy. Continue reading


Digital Signatures Capital

Way, way back in February 1995, Utah became the first state to pass a law deeming digital signatures as valid, legally, as ye olde John Hancock. Although most states have since followed suit — the tally is up to 44 — Utah’s prescience has given the state a cottage industry in electronic transactions. Continue reading

Network Nation

If matter really matters less, and if we’re witnessing the death of distance, what, then, is the fate of the nation-state in the digital world? Science-fiction writers have posited worlds in which nations are replaced by corporations, in which computers take over governments, in which robots out-evolve humanity. Continue reading