Point/Counterpoint. Part 1

A couple of issues ago, here is what we wrote,

Canadian Internet guru Jim Carroll doesn’t believe in Online shopping. “All of this Online shopping and credit card buying stuff is a bunch of silliness–the real potential of the Net is found in business-to-business communications,” he says. In our opinion, he is off-line. Continue reading

Financial Education

In the opinion of Newtown’s business manager, Eve Krieger, an educated staff is a club’s best asset. But not everyone has a business knack, nor are the complicated processes of finance easily understood by the average person. To bring the staff up to speed, the club developed a single-page document presenting all the business elements impacting the club and the way in which these elements affect the financial health of the organization. Continue reading

Networking Can Help You Realize Your Dreams, Part 6

ALSO: Read Donna Fisher’s full-length interview from April 2002, No One Is Working — How Do I Network Now?

Networking Can Help You Realize Your Dreams
By Catherine Wright

People were not designed to work as islands. We work best with others on our life team. It’s through others that we see our own greatness. It’s the encouragement of others that has let me get to the blue sky when all I could see were the clouds. Continue reading

What Small Business Can Get From the Net. Part 1

To a small businessperson, the Internet can seem dark and mysterious, full of techno-babble and confusing terminology.

Many small business executives wonder, “what can the Internet do for me?” Plenty of things — it can save you money, it can help you track topics that you are interested in, and it can be a method by which you provide customer and client support. Continue reading