Me! Shii Ann Interjects

“…we could go all the way. And then, may the best man win.”


We weren’t shown their entire conversation, so I can only guess what Clay told Shii Ann. But analyzing exactly what he said, it would appear as though Clay is not including everyone in his tribe in his, “Well, we’ve already said…” statement. Why would they need TWO people to take it all the way? Continue reading


Music is one of the most controversial topics in a health club: You will never be able to please everyone. For group exercise, instructors usually choose the music, and it is hoped they are picking selections that are appropriate for the type of class, and the type of participants.

Variety is key, as you don’t want to bore your members out of a class. Age-appropriate music is also important. As far as attracting and keeping participants, upbeat, motivating music can help.

Volume should also be considered. Participants should be able to hear the instructor clearly over the music. One of the most common problems in group classes is playing music too loudly.

Networking Can Help You Realize Your Dreams, Part 3

Kirby Tepper, president, American Public Speaking Training

1. Recognize that every holiday event is a potential networking possibility. Take advantage of every office party, neighborhood event, and extracurricular church activity to be a promoter of your business. What a great way to meet people and let them know who you are. You’ll meet new people, solidify relationships, and do something good all at the same time. Also, be careful how much you drink at Christmas parties. You never know what kind of damage you can do by acting inappropriately at an office party or other function. Continue reading