Networking Can Help You Realize Your Dreams, Part 6

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Networking Can Help You Realize Your Dreams
By Catherine Wright

People were not designed to work as islands. We work best with others on our life team. It’s through others that we see our own greatness. It’s the encouragement of others that has let me get to the blue sky when all I could see were the clouds. Continue reading

Networking Can Help You Realize Your Dreams, Part 3

Kirby Tepper, president, American Public Speaking Training

1. Recognize that every holiday event is a potential networking possibility. Take advantage of every office party, neighborhood event, and extracurricular church activity to be a promoter of your business. What a great way to meet people and let them know who you are. You’ll meet new people, solidify relationships, and do something good all at the same time. Also, be careful how much you drink at Christmas parties. You never know what kind of damage you can do by acting inappropriately at an office party or other function. Continue reading