Capitalizing on Public Relations, Part 2

Before generating publicity, you and your staff must become familiar with media outlets. These include newspapers, magazines (including trade, regional, general interest and special interest) and local radio and television stations. You should read, listen to and watch these media outlets regularly to understand what they consider newsworthy and how they present it. Continue reading

Point/Counterpoint. Part 1

A couple of issues ago, here is what we wrote,

Canadian Internet guru Jim Carroll doesn’t believe in Online shopping. “All of this Online shopping and credit card buying stuff is a bunch of silliness–the real potential of the Net is found in business-to-business communications,” he says. In our opinion, he is off-line. Continue reading

Operations & Finance

What better way to increase revenues than to give everyone a stake in the bottom line? That’s what Akron General LifeStyles Health & Fitness Center did, and it worked.

LifeStyles’ Gainsharing Compensation Program offered financial incentives to all of its employees for reaching or exceeding set goals, both financial and otherwise. This incentive promoted the idea that employees don’t have to be at the management level to be motivated to improve service. Continue reading