Top Tips for Holiday Networking

Dear Network Mover:

Did you know that the holiday season is a great time for networking? Whether you hope to land a new job, hook up with a new client, make that big sale, or get a long-sought promotion, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be a gold mine — but only if you know how, and where, to stake your claim.

To show you how to make the most of this holiday season, we asked top professional-networking experts whom we interviewed during 2002 to return for a repeat performance. This time we asked the experts just two questions:
What are your top networking tips for the holiday season?
What’s your top networking tip for the new year?
Because we interviewed specialists in eight different areas, we have a to-do list for every interest:

Top Networking Tips for the Holiday Season
In general: Don’t slack off during the holiday season. Instead, attend holiday parties, volunteer for charitable projects, and re-establish contact with people you met during the past year.
Job-Hunting: December is a great time to look for a job. There’s less competition, plus many companies want to assemble teams before the start of the new year.
Sales: Go deeper, not wider. Instead of seeking new prospects, deepen your current relationship with clients and customers.

Public Speaking: Seek opportunities to speak about yourself, even briefly, at holiday events and get-togethers.

Look sharp, carry plenty of business cards (and a notebook and pen to get information from those who forget their cards), and follow up.

Free Agent: Reconnect with everyone you’ve worked with or for. Get back in touch!
Spiritual: Check your personal network—does it support you or drain you? If the latter, think hard about what you need in 2003 to fulfill your human (not just business) needs for support and connection.

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