Why do I get Numb while Cycling?

I am 62 and my summer exercise of choice is bicycling. When I exceed 20 miles (which is most of the time) my penis goes numb. I can stop or stand on the pedals for a while and feeling comes back.

First, is this dangerous? Second, dangerous or not, do you have any suggestions on how I can prevent this? I have tried different seats, gel pads and changing the seat angle; none of these options worked.


Thank you for your question. Do not worry — this is a common experience for long distance cyclists. I suggest you see your local bike stores for the proper seat.

In recent years there has been a seat developed that helps this situation. A simple description of the seat is that is has a split with a groove in it. Ask around for more details.

Another suggestion relates to how you sit. You need to adjust yourself above the bike seat so that your penis and scrotum are not being sat on. Bringing yourself above the seat will help alleviate the pressure that is causing the numbness.

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